Comparison of the Best HEEL PROTECTORS OF 2020


Here is a comparison that summarizes the main heel protectors on the market so you can get all the best for what will be this New Year 2020.


Which is the best HEEL PROTECTOR?


The best heel protector is one that is able to meet the minimum characteristics necessary to be catalogued as a good protector, either quality and price according to what is offered and a broad recommendation by their buyers.

For this reason, we will show you below the main models of Heel Protectors on the market:


1. BEST PROTECTOR 2020 Daisyheels Cubretacones / Daisyheels Heels Protectors: - THE MOST DESIRED MODEL


best heels protectors



It is a Spanish manufacturer of heel protector, its design makes a difference by having the shape of a heart.


The material of these fabulous heel protectors is a plastic composition that makes them flexible and rigid enough to support the weight of your body.
These heels are very soft to the touch.
With a heart-shaped base that guarantees that you can walk comfortably with your heels across the lawn without fear of sinking or spoiling them.




Daisyheels Cubretacones manufactures its heel protectors in 4 different sizes XS, S, M and L ranging from 8mm to 16mm in heel diameter. Most of the heels that are used in a wedding or event are among the measures indicated.
This manufacturer is not on but makes international orders from its website Daisyheels Cubretacones or you can also place the order in through this link



  • Good value for money
  • Very nice and very chic design for weddings with the heart shape at the base.
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for any type of event
  • Wide base that guarantees stability when using your heels on uneven ground.
  • Plastic material of excellent quality and flexible.
  • 4 sizes.
  • Manufactured in Spain under ISO 9001 quality regulations


  • Any.


Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

Opinions for this product are truly positive, reaching a total of 4.5 stars. They emphasize the fact of having a complete functioning fulfilling in this way the expectations of the clients.


2. Solemates heel protector 





This is a special model that will give 100% protection to your heels as it will prevent you from sinking into the grass or damaging your favorites heels on uneven floors.

To achieve this effect, this model uses an increase in the lower surface as a mechanism to minimize pressure and thus give complete stability to the heel when walking.

Best of all it is a very compact model, allowing it to be stored in your bag without problems.



  • Good value for money
  • Compact and subtle design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for any type of event


  • Only for narrow heels


Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

Opinions for this product are truly positive, reaching a total of 3.5 stars. They emphasize the fact of having a complete functioning fulfilling in this way the expectations of the clients.


3. Solemates Heel Protectors 




It is another model of heel protector that will prevent any kind of accident with your heels, making it the perfect companion for every celebration you attend.

What makes this model special is the fact that it is a collection of heel protectors that come in various sizes, to fit the thinnest to the thickest models.

Added to this is that it is a model for daily use so you can extend the vitality of these beloved elements.


  • Daily use model
  • Resistant
  • A Subtle design that won't be noticed when you use it
  • It comes in various sizes


  • Somewhat high price

Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

The comments from customers about this product are very positive, first of all, they emphasize that its performance is excellent and that they have used it effectively on any surface and under any condition.


4. LAOYOU High quality Heel Protectors - THE BEST VALUED MODEL


It is one of the most complete models on the market, firstly because it is a set of 12 pieces that comes in 3 different sizes. This makes it the best accessory for your heels as it will avoid any type of damage.

In addition, the workmanship is of excellent quality and fits the highest, thickest or thinnest heels, so you don't have to worry about it.

This model is transparent, which indicates that it will match perfectly with any model or color of shoes, because it has that level of invisibility.


  • High quality material
  • Universal design
  • Adjustable to all sizes
  • Excellent price
  • They are invisible


  • Only compatible with stiletto heel models

Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

The opinions of this product are very positive, firstly for the reason that it fits completely to any size.








They are a special model that avoids sinking, not only in the grass but also gravel or the famous cracks in the catwalk, being this way the secret of all the most recognized models.

It is made from a flexible material that allows it to adapt to any type of surface. The best of all is that this model increases the heel surface 10 times giving more stability and security when walking.

It comes in four sizes to adapt to any type of heel you want with a scale of 0.5 to 6 wide.

This design is ideal for any type of event so if you go to an outdoor wedding, an alternative catwalk, a sweet 16, you have to buy your respective heel protector to resist all night or day.


  • Have anti-slip capability
  • Resistant and durable material
  • Adheres without damaging the heel fabric
  • Prevents you from sinking into uneven surfaces
  • Provides not only protection but also stability


  • Few pieces come

Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

Buyers mention about this product that it is one of the most complete and provides greater stability, achieving more than 430 ratings 4.4 stars. 100% Recommended.






If you really want to surprise everyone with an exceptional product you have to buy what OtooKing has to offer. First of all, it comes in 3 universal sizes as they are: S, M and L, so that you can adapt to the different models of heel that you have in your wardrobe.

In addition, it comes with anti-slip technology that will prevent the heel from moving uncontrollably on a surface and like all models its mechanism for extending the surface will allow complete stability.

Ideal for any type of occasion, so if an important event approaches do not hesitate to make the purchase, you will not regret it, also the seller offers a full warranty for all their products.




  • Different universal reference sizes
  • Anti-slip technology
  • Affordable price
  • Insured warranty
  • High quality material


  • They don't come in a special box but in a magic bag

Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

Undoubtedly a product that has really excellent ratings, customers are satisfied with their purchase which is very important, highlighting in their comments to be handsome and high quality.


7. Aohaolee transparent 6 pairs of high heel - MODEL OF Ecological PVC




It is a totally innovative heel protector due to the fact that it is made from completely ecological PVC that has the same resistance as conventional ones and is easy to clean and fit.

With the purchase come 6 pairs of these protectors which are divided into three sizes to fit the different types of heel you have in your home; a good fit will allow ergonomics, stability and anti-slip capacity.

So if you are looking for a model that is able to offer you all the security you need in a night event or in the day, the best purchase option is this one without a doubt, stands out for its good style and material of elaboration.


  • Ergonomic design

  • Provides protection and stability

  • Different sizes

  • Environmentally friendly alternative material

  • Good value for money

  • Resistant


  • Few protectors comes with the purchase

Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

The opinions on these products are very positive; the clients mention that it is a high quality product and that it fulfills everything exposed by the salesman. Its rating is 4.3 stars. Excellent!


8. Doubletwo2 Heel Protectors - THE CHEAPEST AND VARIATED MODEL




Without a doubt if you are looking for a model that is special, none like this, first of all its price is very low considering that it comes with 12 pairs of heel protectors and 4 universal sizes available.

With the purchase you will receive size protectors: XS, S, M and L. This is very important because it extends the adaptability to fit all the heels you have in your wardrobe and with this there are no excuses not to use them.

Unlike the others, these models come in colors: Black, Beige and Transparent and are made of a special rubber that is very resistant to any type of surface to which it is exposed.

Definitely, if you are looking for a different and resistant option this is the best, it will give you security when walking avoiding slipping or any type of sinking. What are you waiting for to buy the product you want?


  • Resistant material
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Cheap Price
  • Variety of colors available
  • Rubber products that are a more flexible alternative to floor conditions.


  • You have to check that the colors match your high heels.

Opinions of Buyers of HEEL PROTECTORS

The opinions are truly positive, highlighting its price and innovation in terms of sizes and colors. Customers mention that they adapt to any type of heel which is excellent.




Still haven't decided on any of the TOP 8 models? We invite you to review the following alternatives of heel protectors so you can get the best model for your special events.


#1 MTLEE 12 Pairs Heel Repair High Coverages




A model in three different colors and 4 sizes available that you can't miss for any reason. Do you like what's different?






For those who want to save a little money and have more this is the best alternative in the market. You can't miss it!


#3 PAMASE 18 pairs 3 sizes




If you think that 6 or 12 are not enough, we present you this alternative that for the purchase you get 18 pairs of heel protectors divided into three sizes so that you can adapt to any heel shoe that you have in the closet.






This is a product that comes with 15 pairs of heel protectors of high strength and quality, ideal for any occasion.


#5 Junxave High Heel Protectors



An original model that will perfectly match any garment in your wardrobe. It is a set of 24 pairs of heel protectors.






An excellent alternative that undoubtedly will make your walk on heels the best of all, as it provides stability and prevents you from sinking into uneven surfaces.




What do you need to know before buying HEEL Protectors?


When buying your heel protectors you need to consider a number of aspects to ensure that it is the right one for your needs.

The main criteria to consider are the following:



This is undoubtedly the most important aspect. There are several measures therefore, what you have to do is to measure the base of your heel not the height as is commonly done.

At least the narrow sized protectors cover more or less ¼ inch and so on.



Look for a material that is resistant because we are talking about use under challenging conditions, so it has to have the strength to withstand any type of surface.



As far as the design is concerned it is for the reason that it is something subtle preferably invisible because this will not damage the style of your heel.


What is the price and where to buy Heel Protectors?


The prices of these elements are varied, everything depends directly on the characteristics that each model has as well as the quantity of heel protectors. Prices range from 10 to 20 euros.

As for the site, it is best to go to the online stores because they are the one that offers a greater variety of brands and models, in addition to having the best price of the whole market.


Which Heel Protectors to buy?


Everything will depend directly on what you are looking for, because heel protectors are as personal as heel shoes themselves.

If you want a model that is for narrow or thick heels, of high quality and from a seller with a large number of sales, you have to buy Daisyheels Cubretacones (being manufacturers of footwear in Spain and having 4 different sizes, this company knows exactly what you or your guests need for weddings or events.) another option is buy any of the Solemates products. On the other hand, if you are looking for popularity and good references you have to bet on LAOYOU.

Instead, if you prefer a high resistance model, we invite you to buy GoGoHeel heel protectors, although if you are looking for something universal your choice should be OtooKing.

If you are one of the lovers of high quality organic products you have to go to buy what Aohaolee offers and finally if you prefer the cheap but in turn offers a wide variety, Do not think more! You have to buy Doubletwo2.

The important thing is that you take the time to choose the models that best suit your needs.


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