Celtic weddings, a magical celebration

Celtic weddings, a magical celebration

Celtic weddings, a magical celebration


If you love nature and all the themes related to druids, fairies, goblins, etc., if you love the Braveheart movie and dream of an equal wedding, then yours are Celtic weddings, which become magical celebrations.

The Celts lived in central Europe, Ireland, France and in areas of Spain such as Asturias and Galicia. His beliefs revolved around nature and everything related to it, such as crops. Therefore in their rites, nature plays a leading role, which makes their ceremonies very beautiful. We explain what they consist of.


What do Celtic weddings consist of

Celtic weddings consist of two phases, one of the Celtic Ceremony of marriage, which is the rite that unites the couple and converts them into marriage; and the other is the wedding that is the celebration of said rite.

What does the Celtic Ceremony of marriage symbolize?

Although it is not a religious or civil ceremony, it is loaded with symbolism and its meaning is very deep, since this rite what symbolizes is the union of two souls in order that their qualities and forces are duplicated and their defects and deficiencies supplied Thanks to learning and support from each other. All blessed with the positive energy provided by nature and the good wishes of the guests.


What is the Celtic Marriage Ceremony

It is a very beautiful and original ceremony that has several unique features. Although it is a civilization of very remote times, some of its rites have reached us. The rest is personalized and based on the studies about the Celts.

It is usually officiated by specialized people, they can be one or two. Obviously, due to its characteristics, it will be held in a natural environment, since it reveres the mother earth, in which a circle drawn with white flowers will be arranged. Four white candles will also be placed that symbolize the blessing of the union for the four cardinal points.

In addition, an altar will be placed, always oriented to the north and there should be two candles, one of silver color that represents the moon and another of gold color representing the sun, a bowl with water and another with salt, representing water and the earth.


Entrance of the Celtic bride and groom

At the beginning the bride and groom arrive accompanied by the godparents. They will receive a symbolic gift when the parties arrive at the altar. They will also offer an offering to the altar that represents nature.

During the ceremony there are several very important moments. One is to honor the ancestors of the bride and groom and all those present and absent. Also the confirmation of getting married voluntarily by the bride and groom, the union of hands in which the hands of the parties join together forming an eight, the symbol of infinity, tied by means of ties. Then we proceed to the exchange of rings as a symbol of love, happiness and light in the union, after which a white candle will be lit on the altar, the nuptial candle.

Finally, the newlyweds take together the bridal stone to consecrate the union to attract good omens and the guests, who will each have their stone, speak out their good wishes to the couple, depositing said stone in a basket, as a gift To the couple.

Celtic wedding
This is already the treat itself, where there will be a band that plays Celtic music and typical food and drinks such as wine, cider, mead, bread and bridal cake will be taken, in addition to the dishes you want to serve. Both the bride and groom, arranged in a circle, will pour some wine and breadcrumbs to the earth as a token of gratitude. After the banquet, the dances will arrive accompanied by the typical Celtic music.

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